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dual cone speaker with grill aWhen it comes to speakers there are plenty of options and we have relationships with various companies in order to provide our customers with choice and quality.

In the main we find that the Monitor Audio in-ceiling speakers are very popular as they are of excellent quality, reliable and affordable and this is therefore the range that we actively promote and include in our website. 

However if you are looking for a different solution please contact us and we will be more than happy to help. 

Presented with a myriad of choices, below you will find some details on the Monitor Audio speakers we stock, and in the information section we have a page that explains and describes all of the component parts of a speaker so that you can make sense of any technical specifications, it is called speaker terminology.

We hope that we have provided you with enough information to consider your requirements and if you would like an idea on pricing please don't hesitate to contact us.


Standard 6 1/2" speaker CT165

speaker ct165 no coverRadius HD technologies for ceiling installation. speaker ct165Incorporating a 6.5-inch MMP®II bass driver with Monitor Audio's signature C-CAM® gold dome tweeter to provide high performance sound, ease-of-drive, and wide frequency response and dispersion. Optimum imaging and set-up are established via a pivoting tweeter and high-frequency (+3dB / 0dB /-3dB) level adjustment.





dual cone speakerDual cone 6 1/2 speaker CT165/2

dual cone speaker with grill aFeatures dual, independent, pivoting 1-inch C-CAM® tweeters and a 6.5-inch MMP®II dual wound voice coil bass driver, for high performance stereo sound from a single speaker. Ideal for bathrooms, hallways, or any area where space does not allow for stereo pairs. 





  • 2-way design with pivoting C-CAM tweeters (15 degrees of play).  
  • High overall efficiency.  
  • High frequency level adjustment (3dB).  
  • Audio match with BR-CP, Radius-CP, Climate 10 and Bronze BR and Radius Series hi-fi speakers.  
  • Innovative Tri-Grip® fixing system which is easier to install than conventional clamping schemes but provides three times the surface area and a better surface seal, maximising bass response and mid-range clarity.  
  • Magnetic and easily removable steel grille.  
  • Paintable surface to blend with the living environment. Additional scrim material is provided for trouble free painting.  
  • Fire retardant to UL-94 VO rating.  
  • Splash and humidity proof for installation in shower room or pool areas.  
  • Features dust protection cover that is designed to prevent the ingress of dirt or dust into the driver and crossover.


  • Frequency Response:   60 Hz - 25 kHz
  • Impedance (Nominal):   6 ohms (dual cone is 6 + 6 ohms)
  • Sensitivity (1W@1M>):   88.5 dB
  • Maximum SPL   107.4 dBA
  • Power Handling (RMS):   65 W
  • Recommended Amp Requirements:   20 - 65 W
  • Drivers Unit Complement:
    • 6.5" MMP®II cone bass driver1
    • C-CAM® pivoting gold dome tweeter  
    • dual cone has 2 x 1 C-CAM® pivoting gold dome tweeters
  • Adjustment Controls:   HF Level Switch ( +3dB / 0dB / -3dB )
  • Overall Diameter: (including grille)   250 mm  (9 13/16 inch)
  • Overall Depth: (including grille)   118 mm  (4 5/8 inch)
  • Cut Out Diameter:   211 mm  (8 1/4 inch)
  • Mounting Depth:   114 mm  (4 1/2 inch)
  • Fixing Type:   3 position Tri-Grip® dog leg fixings
  • Construction Material:   Mineral Filled ABS Plastic (UL V0 Fire Retardent, RoHS2 Compliant
  • Pre-Construction Bracket:   CB6 (Purple)
  • Weight:   1.92kg (4lb 4oz)  


Gold Dome C-CAM®

The gold dome tweeter is formed from a ceramic-coated aluminium/magnesium alloy, gold anodised to a specific thickness for ideal stiffness and damping characteristics. Its new profile and surround geometry have been developed using advanced modelling tools, to provide the optimum qualities for accurate sound reproduction. The new design moves the first order of breakup to beyond 35kHz, producing a linear response way beyond audibility, which matches the wide frequency bandwidth available from HD music and cinema sound formats.   The gold dome is thinner, lighter, more rigid and therefore more efficient than domes made from other materials which are prone to distortion in the audio band.


Metal Matrix Polymer driver cones have a polypropylene base loaded with metallic particles to offer a rigid and responsive structure. They are manufactured using a sophisticated high-pressure injection process, which modulates cone thickness at critical points to optimise stiffness and consistency, resulting in a superior sonic performance.